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Software Maintenance

  • First book fully dedicated to Software Maintenance
  • Written by authors who have done Software Maintenance in large, real-world products
  • Course Material for two conferences, attended by international audience
  • Reference text for courses in a number of universities

                                                             TOC of the Book

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Additional focus on the opportunities and challenges of globalization.Software maintenance continues to be an extremely essential activity for any software product organization. Usually considerable efforts and time go into software maintenance activities than on the actual product development. Yet, one finds that the literature and for a related to this very important activity is not adequate.

This book, written by two highly experienced professionals covers the practical issues that confront software maintenance. It includes a plethora of topics and examples which highlights the aspects that work (and don't work), while at the same time retaining a balance between theory and practice.

It contains:

  • Detailed checklist and templates that can assist a software products organization to organize its maintenance and support function.
  • A fair balance across the three key dimensions-people, process and technology-that contribute to the success of a geographically distributed maintenance team (rather than focus purely on technology or engineering methodology).
  • Additional focus on the opportunities and challenges of globalization

With its wide span of coverage, containing a vast repository of rich, practical details, this book will be a valuable asset to any present and future software professional.


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Gopalaswamy Ramesh,
Feb 11, 2012, 12:56 AM