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Software Testing

  • Followed in close to 50 colleges and universities
  • Has been one of the best selling books on Software Testing
  • Translated to Chinese language
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  • Focuses on geographically distributed teams. Software Testing addresses people, organizational structures and models for global teams.
  • Showcases India's rich experience in testing. An increase amount of product testing is being done in India. However, not many books examine this experience or the India Business Model. This book showcases the best of these practices.
  • Emphasizes practical experience while retaining comprehensive theoretical rigor. This book addresses practical aspects of testing like internationalization and regression testing while preserving traditional approaches like equivalence partitioning and cyclomatic complexity.
  • Provides a holistic and balanced view: Addresses all the major dimensions of people,process and technology.

Reviews  "This is a classic textbook for any phase or type of software testing. Authors Desikan and Ramesh have created a type of book for which I have been looking for a long time... The book achieves its greatness by addressing areas not covered in other software testing books, areas that include theory and practice; balancing issues that rise among people, processes and technologies; but most importantly the practical exercises that provide a real, day-in-the-life view of a software testing specialist..." Read More

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"I strongly recommend this book for students and professional to build their fundamentals in testing..." Read More

User Review in "A complete book with implementable concepts explained.." Read More

Gopalaswamy Ramesh,
Feb 25, 2012, 8:29 AM